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Trionix Solutions - A Software Development Company, Delhi, India.

Trionix offers services which assimilates all of the clients' needs and desires to best fit their requirements. Resorting to our basic fundamentals of transparency, efficiency, flexibility and concern towards clients, we strive to provide transcend quality standards to the customers. A team of young, agile, skillful and dedicated developers is all set to ensure and abide to these excellent standards of work. Our area of expertise includes software development in JAVA, C, C++, C#, VB. Just contact us and get ready to experience a whole new dimension of software development.

.Net Development

Having highly skilled young enthusiasts as the .NET developers makes us class apart from the old traditional developers in .NET. We enhance and make best use of the certain specific advantages of .NET such as:

  • Improved performance and scalability
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Easy deployment
  • Developer productivity
  • New application models: XML Web Services & Mobile Web Device Support
  • We use .NET platform in both C# and VB.NET. Also the .NET WinForms, Crystal Reports, Web Services, XML, SQL Server etc are fully exploited to provide the customers with best possible outcomes. Our highly competent team ensures that your project is delivered in scheduled time and on budget. Our team flaunts its adaptiveness to the clients' work styles and methodologies.

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C/C++ Development

When the needs of the client is more of object oriented, or requires generic coding and data abstraction tools we provide the provision of coding in C language or the more advanced form C++ language. C++ is the general purpose coding language and has the ability to cover almost all types of applications ranging from audio/video manipaulations and image processing tools to software components or basic GUI applications.

The C++ applications we build have various advantages. Some of those being:

  • The applications could be tampered with in accordance with the necessary requirements and are easily extendable. Features can be amended, added or removed to cater to customized needs.
  • Portable solutions that can run on different and many platforms
  • We create new solutions or customize the existing ones to suit different clients.
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Java Development