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Now that you're in the events section of Trionix solutions, you're into a whole new world which is full of fun. From logic to creativity, whatever you crave for will be served right away! This is not a simple section of just another site you browse through every other hour, but a home away from the home we find in the idiot box, but of course with more relevant and less idiotic entertainment.

This is a fun centre for the viewers and clients. This section will bring you online events such as quizzes and discussions. The technical events such as coding events are also brought your way online. The events also converge the arenas of creativity and literary field. The website viewers have whole lot of things to spend time on and simultaneously learn something new and useful. So let the genie out of the bottle. It's time to start a new train of events that is beyond just fun. The time spent with us will be cherished for long.

Are you a student or a dropper, looking for a medium to study practically? here's your place to start with discussions and quizzes, with either your batch mates or other aspirants around the indian boundaries. Do you try finding about the progress in the technical field you dream of or are already associated with? this is the place to get updated about every related event. Now seeing the technicalities, the literature lovers please don't close the window, because this "events" has the best gifts for you too.

May your love be poetry or paintings, your eyes will be dazzeled of the offerings this brings to you. So let ginnie out of the lamp, and your desires will be granted at just a click! are you a designer, developer, coder, student, manager, game developer, artist, animator or a newbie, this is you 24X7 knowledge filled entertainment, where you'll invest your time instead of wasting.

From anything to everything you may look for is been sheltered here, at the ease of your fingertips. Go on now and Take advantage to suggest your event and watch out for others. So come on and join in this fun filed experience with trionix. Keep checking the web page for the upcoming events and contact us for suggestions and participation.